May 25 is International Missing Children’s Day. A day where we are supposed to stop, listen and share the images of those little ones that havent been found. Yet. ¬†As much as we try not to overshare with our kids having an awareness of the good and not so good aspects of our community gives […]

A couple of months ago I wrote a piece for a national magazine about the role of crowd-funding for creative people. About how creating a platform where people can make donations, can help fund the ideas that we have welling inside of ourselves, can provide a chance where we may not have had a chance […]

Sometimes when a thought is triggered there is no alternative but to stop and listen to it. It might be a slow burning idea that sits deep down but the more you try to silence it the louder it can become. TedxSydney had an energy, a Castle-like vibe that doesn’t tend to come from attending […]

One of the ways I get attention when Im pitching stories to editors is to link an idea to something thats time specific. A community event, an anniversary, a day set aside for some reason or another. It helps to match the idea with the words if the reader can circle a day in their […]

Its been eight months since I stepped away from working in an office. Its taken a lot longer than I anticipated to slow down, embrace the benefits and deficits of the work from home gig and find my way amongst the Lego. Each evening, now that daylight savings has finished, I find my little home […]