I bent down this morning and ran my hands over my legs. It had been a long month of not shaving them, of not wearing shoes other than a very worn pair of birkenstocks and of pulling on a random assortment of clothes. Clothes that seemed to have accumulated at the bottom of my unmade […]

There are a few words that creep into our sentences, into the conversations we have in our hearts and minds each day. Those words tend to change and flex as we grow, as our vocabulary widens and we begin to understand the words we use. My seven year old tends to use ‘actually’ with a […]

(actually it was Albus Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) Im heading into the winter of my 35th year. That sounds maudlin.¬†Today is my first complete working day for 2013. Pushing aside thoughts of resolutions and positive affirmations I chose to tackle the easy options first. A bill here, an email there […]

¬†Image from here I wrote a blog post in my head last night. I lay awake for a good few hours after my husband dozed of, I was full of nervous anticipation mixed with a good dose of anxiety. By the time morning came the post was gone, my head was fuzzy and I shuffled […]