The 23rd of December marked the date of me becoming a single mum seven years ago. This year I forgot to remember that date. Time doesn’t heal all wounds but it gives you perspective. In the midst of all the discussion around rituals and what we know about them my family forgot to have Christmas […]

I’m packing up my desk and popping on my out of office soon. Not that I have a desk or a workplace. I’m metaphorically drawing the blinds on 2012. This week I wrote over at Women’s Agenda about the additional stress that comes with having more than one babe and returning to work. How the […]

Image from here I sat on the floor at a friends place the other day catching pieces of avocado sushi that my son was lovingly stabbing with his soy fishy. My friend had delivered two beautiful babies in the last 18 months. She looked busy and content. We swayed into the safe territory of books […]

This is an image from The Ride. where Anton visits the site of his accident. Everywhere I look this year its been about people taking the leap out on their own, not waiting until the proverbial knock on the door, they just decide to sort it. Ive always harbored a secret dream to make a […]

  Have you ever heard of the term Food insecurity? I hadnt. I guess as a mum I spend a lot of time trying to get my kids to eat. I talk to them about other kids not being as lucky to have food in their bellies and blankets on their beds. It’s hard to […]