Today is Day for Daniel. Its an important day that asks people to reflect on the need for child safety but I guess even more than that, safety for all of us. Big and small. To go about our lives, to not live in fear of what is around the corner and to see the […]

It wasn’t until my 29th year that I realised I was here to do two things. To share what I knew about loss (from the people who spoke to me) and to be a mum. I had a boss that used to tell me that she was a frustrated sociologist. We’d deconstruct the people that […]

I was 10 when I started a diary. I was consumed with fear about what to write in it. I’d peek over my sisters shoulder as she scribbled away wondering how the thoughts flowed out of her head and onto the page. When the anxiety passed Id throw caution to the wind and write down […]

In 1996 I moved out of home. I was 19. I wore skirts made from chenille bedsheets that I lovingly purchased from Glebe Markets and I listened to Teenage Fanclub and Jeff Buckley. Not at the same time. I thought that my life experience was vast and informed and robust. I worked three jobs for […]

When I got on the fast train from the burbs to the city yesterday an old man shuffled way over so that he was sitting on my dress. I had a little chat and a laugh with him and then got the chance to pull my clothes back to me. His wife, who was sitting […]

This is the wallpaper I found…nice huh? In the chaos of school holidays Im finding little snippets of time to sit and work. I also decided that if small people were on a break so would I. Over the last two weeks Ive been in social situations that are a bit different from the red […]

We went on a little excursion this long weekend. To a town that had wide roads, where people meandered up and down the main street and where good coffee was the metaphorical coffee bean in a haystack. Creating memories for your kids is hard work. The packing, the unpacking, the blankie, the special pillows and […]