There is an image of a lady floating around FaceBook at the moment. She is missing after a night out in Melbourne and people are desperately sharing her picture in the hope that it will bring her home. A few months back a friend wrote this. She spoke about the ways in which the careers […]

  If current research is to be believed then step or blended families are the fastest growing family type in Australia today. The increasing divorce rate, the search for happiness and meaning and a woman’s capacity to say no when it isn’t working might all be contributing to this emergence of a family group that […]

  I had a colleague a long time ago that had a partner that left her when she was six months pregnant. She was pregnant with a baby that had taken a decade to create. A month after it happened she explained to me that while the baby was inside her she had decided to […]

Im a pretty busy person, like most of us are. In the beginning I used to read as many blogs as I could find, understanding the art in exploring the mundane or exploring the power of sharing the unmentionable. Now that life has stepped up a few paces and the fact that writing now happens […]

A year ago I sat down at my desk and began to type. Id been promising myself every New Years Eve that this would be the year that I’d take the leap and start to write. For the last 8 years before that I’d spent my time writing down the stories of other people. On […]