A few years back Robyn and I went to watch a performance. A story I had written about her in 2005 had been turned into an interpretive dance piece. We sat still in the audience watching it play out ahead of us. In walking back out to the brightly lit foyer afterwards we stepped to […]

A few weeks ago I spoke about meeting this lovely lady. I’m chatting over here about her media savviness that was born from her urgent need to reach as many people as possible in finding Dan. Jump on over and join the conversation. You can find out more about her searching here¬†  

But your name is written on my heart forever And there is never a day when I do not search for your face Somewhere, everywhere, anywhere I see a turn of a head A back that reminds me of you And I hurry to look more closely Only to feel despair again Because, of course, […]

Image from here You have to be quite mindful when working with people who need your support. Watch your p’s and q’s, watch how you say things, how you phrase them. The same can be said for day to day conversations, there is always a space between your foot and your mouth – mine collide […]

I watched the family of this poor boy try to find words to convey their trauma and sadness on TV this morning. I watched the camera pan to his siblings sitting to the left of their bewildered parents and I wondered where would they go from here. Not in the years to come but today. […]

¬† Over the last week its only been about missing people in my little corner of the world. Last week I spoke at the National Missing Persons Conference about the disconnect between the way the media speak about families of missing people and the way these families describe themselves. In the telling of the missing […]

Tash contacted me a few months ago asking for some room to explore her space between her man and his illness. After a few speed bumps we managed to get the interview together and what we finished up with was a poignantly funny piece about living for now, having a love and hanging with your […]