I loved this list from the late, great Nora Ephron. I think I have seen ‘When Harry Met Sally’ 72000 times. It got me thinking what Id put on my list. It got me thinking about the anti-bucket list I developed last year. It also got me thinking about the impact parenting has on me. […]

The BEST Australian movie ever…a life lived in fear, is a life half lived. When I was 14 I did competitive ballroom dancing. Every Monday night my partner and I would practice in a cold, dusty scout hall shuffling across floors that had multiple uses throughout the week. The funny thing about learning a dance […]

Go on, cook one! The man and I went out for dinner last night sans kids…we talked like excitable puppies finishing off conversations we started about six months ago, the incessant ‘excuse me’s’ meant we never got around to finishing them. The “Hey what happened to that dude at work in February who did that […]

Im slowly finishing a very long article on the stigma of asking for help. I’ve spoken to 4 amazing women who all share the ways they’ve made meaning from the things that happen in their lives. How, taking someone at face value, doesn’t create the chance to really understand what that persons needs are. Every […]

Facebook feeds can be full of life lessons. Todays favourite is noted above. In my pursuit to make everything right for my kids I over-think, over-commit and over-exhaust myself. Dancing four classes a week, tick. Swimming before school, why not? And then when I finally make it to the end of the week while writing, […]

When I worked in London just after the millennium bug didn’t hit, I worked in a time-warp. There was only one computer to share between 4 people. We would fight each other for who got a chance to tap out a court report or a care plan for a small person or a letter to […]

Image from here When trauma and loss happen most of us know what to do. We know who to call, where to seek help and what we can (kind of) expect about the ways to cope. I guess we’re the ambulance chasers of our own experience. But what happens to kids when life and all […]

Image from here Remember when you were a kid and you could disapear into your mind pretending you were someone that you weren’t? I remember reaching into my wardrobe and running my hand along the back of it. Sad to find that Narnia wasnt just a small step away. Last August I had a piece […]

Every day I scan the news for stories that interest me. It depends on my mood as to what prompts me to click. This morning there was news (and I use the word news in the loosest sense of the word) about a new parenting book written by Mayim Bialik. Shes an actress, has a […]