Image from here I went to a hens afternoon tea on the other weekend (how civilised). I was surrounded by the cool chicks I met at my most recent mothers group…not that I shop around for mothers groups – its just that it was a looooong time between babies and a few suburbs too. We […]

Ive never been one of those people that plots and plans the coming years. Maybe its the vicarious trauma of working in the welfare field. Life happens when you least expect it. Its easy to let the crap anniversaries overshadow the good ones. Five years ago, on this very day, I did the thing that […]

I had a story published at Daily Life this week. It had been a story that had been rattling around in my head for a long time. Its something that Ive been pondering when I study – its about the fact that if we are all going to experience some type of loss, at some […]

Image ‘Blending In’ from here I met Jocelyn a few years back – through a friend who just gets me. I remember seeing pics of her wedding and then of the kids that followed but not really knowing her. Last year our paths crossed after we’d both gone to visit that friend after the arrival […]

  (my little signed copy of Marieke’s book) I wrestle with the idea that if I had my time again Id make my blog a private one. I wouldnt be sending links off to my family (hi mum!), Id keep my name away from it and Id use it as a record of my own […]

I wrote a piece a while back for Childhood 101 and it was published this week. You can read it here. I felt a bit anxious when I saw it actually in print (well on the screen) as I was worried that I’d done the overshare…that I mentioned too much about stuff that was packed […]

There are moments in life where you worry that the busy world that exists in your head is a weird old quirky one. Then when you have a chance over coffee, cake and a bit of sunshine you realise that it isn’t so odd after all. Working as a social worker for so long allowed […]

I was talking to my girl about sponsoring a child the other night. She wondered if the little boy on our computer screen would come and live with us, I explained that he wouldn’t – that he needed to be with his parents but that we’d be getting letters telling us how he was. She […]

In that movie Stepmom – except for the whole Susan Sarandon dying thing. Ive been in a bit of a funk this week, all these thoughts swirling around my head about turning half way to 70. Yes, I have the tendency to catastrophize. Doesnt everyone? I get stressed each May. Its a month of memories […]