In 7 days time I turn 35. I feel old. Most days I feel like the 4 year old in the picture. I was talking to my husband about an article in the paper about how sleep is the new frontier. I admitted to him that some nights when I climb into bed I think […]

I wrote a little something last week about standing on the edge, something that was explained to the crowd of people watching a graduation ceremony. Nat followed me on twitter and then we got started talking and then she sent me this. I could understand some of the stuff that Nat shares. I went straight […]

I was listening to a program on Radio National this morning about solitude (its fab, listen here). I was listening while in the garage trying to run  trying is the operative word on the treadmill and wondering if all the cards I had thrown in the air lately where going to land in the configuration I […]

I was sitting through a graduation ceremony this morning. The rain was pelting down outside and it was only one of a handful of times over the last few weeks that I was kid free.  It was nice to have my senses tuned into something other than the rustling of snacks in my handbag. I […]

  Thanks for popping back this evening to read the second half of this lovely interview. If you didnt read the previous posts click here to have a read. Like I said in my opening last night one of the main reasons for asking to Emmanuel to chat was for me to learn more about […]

  I asked a good friend who I met through my own space between, that being my passion about my work and me as a person, if they would be interested in chatting on here. We clicked the first time we met over the phone, he was calm and measured and unflappable. The opposite of […]

(How amazing is this shot my husband took while we were away!) My husband and I managed to escape for 40 fun filled hours this week. While the kids were happily driving my mum bonkers we jumped on a plane, ate long leisurely breakfasts, went shopping, danced at a wedding, slept in a gigantic bed, […]