Image from here A few years back I met a man for a coffee. He was writing a play about something I was researching. He was writing about his friend who was missing. We talked about what the repercussions might be of showing the performance to the mum of the missing man that the […]

  A decade ago I was living in London. My husband (at that time) had a brainwave that instead of returning home to Australia we would try our luck in New Zealand in the lovely town of Grey Lynn in Auckland (where you could buy the best afghan biscuits known to man). We landed in […]

image from here I was reading an article while my boy slept on the backstory authors have in the process of writing a book. The little pieces that get you to the point where you are ready to begin the story-telling. I can remember a few months back when I talked about people’s little bio’s. The […]

Big personalities are a little hard to contend with. All that jostling for space, talking over each other and not really taking turns to speak and share. I finished something this week that had been hanging like a metaphorical albatross round my neck since last year. I think at the time when I said yes […]

The first thing I noticed about Carly when I started following her on twitter was that she was one of those people that cooked great food for herself, I was a little jealous of the meals she posted each night, they were cooked with love and thought and balance. Im guessing that tuna surprise doesnt […]

The body is a pretty amazing thing. Last night my stepdaughter offered to plait my hair for me, it was like being 11 again and sitting on the lounge room floor while my mum braided my hair for dancing concerts. She’s into hair at the moment, she spends hours creating new do’s much to my […]

  Image from here I was at work the other day, in the middle of a meeting, and I suddenly had a flash of the old me. It was like I was on an archaeological dig excavating a site that hadn’t been stepped on in eons, with a small brush in my hand I slowly […]