Fantasy isn’t all its cracked up to be. I was reading Fenella Soutter’s piece in the Good Weekend about the freedom of bike riding…Ive been eyeing one of these bikes for a while but I know in the deep dark recesses of my brain the image of what Ill look like riding it wont match […]

My daughter likes to order her lunch. She is also focussed on the canteen ladies. She knows who the most important movers and shakers are at school. Last week on her order she asked them ‘what did you do on the weekend’. She loves to chat with people and I guess this was a little […]

  My sanctuary is the shower…I can burn myself with the hottest water, lean against the tiles and do all of the thinking I need to do (usually with the light off which drives my husband bonkers). When I worked as a counsellor I used to say to the mums that were worried about puffy, […]

Image from here Seinfeld was a great show….I miss George the most. One of the episodes that made me laugh (other than the one where he ate cake out of the bin…I would never do that) was when he was at a childrens party and the fire alarm went off. Instead of being the stoic, […]

My daughter has had a rocky start to the school year…her teacher said she seemed ‘change resistant’ last week and I laughed because its the thing I remember most about growing up….on the eve of my tenth birthday I was panicked about the idea of turning double digits because I was so frightened everything would […]

¬† image from here¬† I had to go away from home last night. Easy some might say, a chance to escape the school run, lunchboxes, life in general. But its not so easy. I havent been a single mum technically in almost 4 years. My girl was 2 1/2 when I moved in with my […]

Some times I just dont get it. And by it I mean life. I dont understand why some people have to face so many heartaches and so many challenges. I was reading Naomi’s blog the other day and noticed a few people talking about Lisa King, so I jumped over to her blog and was […]