Every year we do the annual pilgrammage from one state to another. 10 long hours in the car playing colour I-spy (the version of the game for pre-readers…its always a green tree they see – just a heads up). Most years I make a little tape to get us on our way – its […]

I’d been following Kristian’s blog since I saw that snippet of his life on a big American TV show. I was impressed with his honesty , his integrity and his capacity to put into words what love meant for him. It was with great sadness that I saw a little post on twitter the other […]

Every year my husband recieves one of those ‘a year in our world’ christmas letters. You know the ones, the nicely typed out record of a familys year – the trials, the tribulations, the wins, the losses…all those first world problems squeezed onto an A4 page. I dont know these people, Ive never met them, […]