Well! I’m having a bit of a run of goodluck with lovely people offering to be interviewed by me for a TSIB interview. This week, just like last week, we have a blogger talking about her space in between. I actually got in touch with Amy about her call out for guest posts and then […]

Last week the media covered the  35th anniversary of a disaster where a lot of people were killed and one of the media reports referred to the families left behind as still grieving. The emphasis on the word still really stuck with me because it reflects the way we don’t tend to sit well with the […]

Image from here  Today is the last day of the NSW school holidays. Im a pretty flexible person but even I have felt the exhaustion of 6 long weeks of keeping little people fed and watered. I didn’t notice it too much until I went back to work this week and suddenly my exhaustion was […]

There always seems to be a lot of tips from bloggers telling other bloggers how to maximise their potential, get more visits and engage people for longer. From what I can tell (sitting in my tiny space in the corner of the universe) unless what you write resonates with people no one will come regardless […]

Ive been chatting about this and that this week. But not necessarily here. We’ve been away from home for the last few weeks so I guess my writing did the same! So jump over to the amazingly popular (and more importantly) informative Childhood 101 to read my thoughts on my daughters first day of school […]

I was reading this post by Life in a Pink Fibro tonight while simultaneously writing an abstract in my head for a conference I want to attend later in the year (academy award for multi-tasking…). It made me think about the little voice most hear when trying to get where they are going can I […]

Ive been absent from the blogging roundabout for the last couple of weeks except for my post about pancakes. I began to worry that Id lost my capacity to sit and concentrate for longer than 12 seconds. Holidays with kids can do that – all I want to do is sleep, drink coffee, watch bad […]

Every year my husband and I and the kids head here. Its an annual thing and its something that he has done every year since he was a kid too. I always remember Mia Freedman when she said that holidays with kids was really just moving the kids to another location without the usual props […]

image from here The new year makes us look backwards and forwards all at the same time. A chance to reflect on what hasn’t worked as well as make plans by glimpsing into what the future might look like. Each year for the last 6 years my sister, b-i-l, husband and I sit down and […]