I like having a good old sticky beak at other people’s pictures on Facebook – happy snaps that capture the essence of a person, they tell a lot not only about where they’ve been but who they are. Sometimes I notice that with the advent of smart-phones we tend to take a lot of pics of […]

  In that slow news week between christmas and new year its fair to say that a lot of whats on TV is either something you’ve seen before or a reminder of whats past. What did we ever do without Coldplay? Every montage provided by different news outlets seems to have Chris Martin warbling in […]

I love a good birth story…the lead up, the drama, the drugs, the no drugs, the tears and the trauma. I could sit and listen to them all day long. I wrote a few months back about the different stories about coming home after babies. When my little man was born a friend from a few […]

When I first starting reading blogs I noticed that some people turned off their comment section from time to time. Some of the posts were a little ranty, some were amazingly personal and other people just wanted to tell their side of the story. These last few months have been a giant learning curve for […]

Its another TSIB interview… Kate and I have very long chats the twice a year we probably get to see each other. She has one of those faces that makes you talk even when you didnt realise you probably needed to. Kate has some great thoughts on parenting. She is raising teenagers and I guess […]

I wrote a piece last week about christmas and the space between the saccharine display for peace and togetherness versus the stark reality that christmas sux for a lot of people. People say that when you have kids the joy of christmas returns from that place where you shelved it at 13 or 14…the look […]

Let me just say this up front…I haven’t been a blogger for long. Blogging was one of those things I had put on my new years resolution list for the last few years but time, ambivalence and nerves got in the way. I blog about a lot of things, almost as many things as I […]

Image from here I’ve been a bad mum lately, I think its end of year’itis. I can get my little man in to bed on time but my daughter is awake until quite late because Im too tired to put her to bed. Lazy I know. We were up quite late (again) last night and […]

Back in the land of never never I was writing my profile for (ahem) an online dating site. The reality of us single mums (which I was at the time)  is that you become really good at time management or cutting out all the bullshit to put it bluntly. I wasn’t prepared to hang out […]