Yes I know thats an oxymoron… I read a lot of blogs and articles about weight loss and being the best you can be (in a non Oprah sense)…its just a topic thats interests me – places like Sarah Wilson, Diminishing Lucy and even the WW FB page let me dip my toe into the […]

¬† She sat perched on the edge of the bed¬†desperately whispering into the phone i don’t think I can do it…of course you can came the calm, clear voice down the line. The bags were packed. There was too much stuff for the baby and not enough for her. Surely green cardigan’s go with everything? […]

Sometimes I feel as if Im a piece of space junk hurtling through the atmosphere…some weeks it’s a chilled ride other weeks its a bit crazy up there. I was chatting with a mum at work today. I like talking to women who have survived the bub/preschool/school age kiddie years…they say stuff and I think […]

My favourite movie is Love Actually, it’s soft and warm and it makes my husband roll his eyes. One of the main charcters is a mum managing a few things (I was going to say juggling but I’ve banned that word from my vocabulary), her favourite artist is Joni Mitchell. I love a good singalong […]

Im one of those people that is a little over the top about dates and times…not in a sense of wanting to get somewhere but a sense of remembering where I was. My mum has always been a big one for dates and times too, every year as we grew she would start a few […]

This blog is working just as I had imagined in the dark recesses of my brain (and thats a pretty odd place for most of each week) its creating opportunities for people to come forward and share their own space in between. This year has been a time of reflection for me, Ive been able […]