Doctors aren’t the only ones that ask for vital stats when swanning around hospitals seeing their patients. They’re also not designed just for people in the business world….everyone has their vital stats, a little 3 line bio, and Im getting a bit bored of mine. Sarah…mum of 4…two aren’t mine…one is…the other is ours…project manager…uni […]

I just finished reading Sarah Watt and William McInnes book. breathe. Its been a while since I read a book where I had to stop and rub the words with my finger because in some ways I wanted to connect with them more than just read them. A few months back I asked my uni […]

Do you think there is a link between the first words your kids say and what type of person they’ll become? Heres an example…my free spirited, quirky, curly haired 6 year old said her first word just after she turned one. It was Edgar…. Edgar is the gargoyle in my dads courtyard, a big scary, […]

A bit of a change of pace this week….I seem to have been in contact with a lot of women in the last few weeks who are contemplating what they do with their lives as their kids grow. Whether thats women emerging from the fog of small babies, women dealing with teenagers who don’t ‘need’ […]

Hello my name is Sarah and I shop around for advice. Sometimes I can wrap myself up into such a state of anxiety that I dont know my left from my right – it happens at different intersections in my life when Im pondering big changes. I think on some basic, primal level I always know […]

OK so its coming to the end of the year and that means the end of my reign as kindergarten mum (well that is until the next one starts…) Its been a steep learning curve starting school and my daughter has had an interesting time too. Ive missed the luxury of day care hours that […]

Sonya answered my call when I asked if people were interested in sharing their story with me after Alicia’s lovely, honest reflection of her life without her sister a couple of weeks ago. This is our third TSIB interview….it also reminds me of a story I wrote for the Hoopla a few weeks ago…if you […]

  I was given the chance to write about the ways people living with an unresolved loss might be able to ‘reconnect’ with the people they had lost…the big challenge there was the ambiguous part of it all. I think a few people thought I was a bit odd writing about reconnecting with missing people, […]

Todays is remembrance day…in honour of the day im sharing with you a poem written by my sister about my own Poppy who was born in November….feeling very grateful to have such a talented and expressive sister (and one that brings me coffee)   “In Flanders Fields the poppies blow  Between the crosses, row on row” […]