My husband and I spent a fair few hours this week in various health-related waiting rooms…it made me grateful for all the usual stuff (health, wealth, happiness and all that jazz) but it also made me grateful for the art of stickybeaking….there is nothing better than a stickybeak with a fellow stickybeaker (aka my husband). […]

There was a little bit of hoo haa this morning about the Telstra business women of the year acceptance speech and her comment that deafness is a ‘scourge’ on the community, much like polio was in the 50’s. Have a look at Breda Carty’s article here.. It reminded me of a few posts that I’d happened […]

Hi lovely readers…Ive had an article published over at the Hoopla today…jump over and have a read. Its a great site. Its national carer’s week this week as well as the launch date of Sue Pieters-Hawke’s book about her mum, Hazel Hawke. I’m guessing that those people caring for elderly parents or loved ones with dementia […]

I’m loving at the moment – particularly the conversation tab. One of the new questions posed overnight  also sparked my interest in Lillie McFerrin Writes link up this Friday – with the key word Shenanigans  (and yes I know its Sunday but i’ve felt like I’ve been 2 days behind all week so Im keeping […]

Its the same place each year – the worn yellowy, beige carpet, the heavy sunstreaked curtains and the cutlery that has been used by the same people over and over searching for their own little spot of tranquility. We venture up to the rock each year for that photo, a walk that gets easier as […]

I try to not be one of those people that complains that men and woman are from different universes but some days I do concede defeat. Like most couples with a herd of children sometimes the only time you get to have a chat with your partner is that space between your head hitting the […]

I remember a time when my daughter would fit between the inside of my elbow and the palm of my hand…she was like a little peanut encassed in a mummy shell that squeezed her in and kept her safe…and then suddenly she was a giant…she had thoughts, opinions and questions – God there were so […]

Welcome to the first (of what I hope to be many) TSIB interviews…since I launched the blog last month I’ve had a ton of conversations with people about their own ‘space in between’…whilst I do joke around about what mine is on any given day I’m absolutely overjoyed that people trust me enough to share […]

There was a final image in the ABC’s episode of The Slap this week…Hector and his young son standing alone in the garden…It was a quiet image that lingered on the screen for a while, what struck me was the tenderness of the son’s hand placing itself into his dad’s and also how un-alike they looked […]