This week’s WoW task is to chose a song and write the story behind the lyrics. Thanks toLillie McFerrin’s blog I thought I’d pop up the youtube clip…its not a song or artist I would usually veer towards but it meant a lot to me at a moment in time…the task also reminds me of […]

I’ve been following Lori’s blog for most of this year – it’s hard to read, it’s so raw and so vulnerable and part of me wants to look away but the other part of me wants to be a part of the community she keeps reaching out to, to survive the loss of her husband. […]

The last few posts have been a little heavy to say the least…so I thought I’d lighten it up a bit! A recent Maxabella post reminded me of the lovely things mums can do and the disasters that tend to befall me when I think ‘hey, I can make that’ – rainbow party invites will never be […]

The question of who we really are, the truths we seek from others and the reality of what we know was tested last night when I went along with some mates to see Transparency….as much as the subject matter was heavy the underlying questions of how well we truly know each other, or even how […]

This week’s task is to choose someone you dont know in your neighbourhood and write about a conflict they may be living with…. She’s what my mother would call lithe, the type of person who might fall down if a big gust of wind blew too strongly. I’m perplexed by her – she’s the person in […]

After such interesting feedback from my Mamamia article a few weeks back I’ve had an article published on the Missing people UK blog. Jump over and have a read…feel free to let me know what you think

  When I was little I remember staring up at my parents large bookcases in the lounge room – titles that to this day I havent read, covers that were well worn and a clear mix between both my mum and dad’s tastes. Soon after my grandmother died my mum came home with a book […]

I had to drive a really long distance by myself this week, six long hours of winding roads, variable speed limits, random country signs and my ipod. About 6 years ago I was going through a bit of a quarter life crisis ( read: divorce…). It was one of those times in your life when […]

Ten years ago I was living in the UK working with a bunch of Aussie Social Workers pretending we knew how to get around London with our trusty A-Z’s (and attempting not to eat all the penguin biscuits in the office snack/filing cabinet) and then something happened. We all wandered over to the reception area […]