OK so its coming to the end of the year and that means the end of my reign as kindergarten mum (well that is until the next one starts…)

Its been a steep learning curve starting school and my daughter has had an interesting time too. Ive missed the luxury of day care hours that meant I could actually go to work at a normal time and not run out the door like a crazed person at the end of the day. Who knew that the school day was so short, who came up with that one??

So in honour of the school year coming to an end I thought I’d compile my top 10 things I’ve learnt as a Kindergarten mum (or prep mum or school mum or whatever you people call it in other states or territories). Its the space between holding and letting go – something I found much harder than I anticipated!

1. There will never be enough pairs of socks…they run away during the night and hide, never to be seen again.

2.Don’t take it personally if your child doesnt eat what you pack them for lunch. The effort you make is directly proportional to how much they will hate it.

3. Play dates suck

4. Its OK to catch a quick nap behind your child’s head while they read to you before bed.

5. The new world of reading means that you have to sound out every word EVERY WHERE…and then you begin to speak like this when talking to other non-kindergarten human beings.

6. Never volunteer for anything (especially anything with the word committee in it)

7. The first time your child runs off into the playground without saying goodbye will feel like a sharp knife being stabbed straight into your heart – dont chase after them for a kiss, its not cool.

8. There are some mums who like to hang in the playground for a significant amount of time after the bell has rung, its OK if you are not one of these mums (and OK if you are)

9. Never try and persuade your child to take something to school for news that you actually think is interesting…they will always pick the tackiest toy to dazzle their friends with.

10. The only downside of your child learning to read is that they can now read your text messages out to you….including the inappropriate ones.


What did you learn during your first year?

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  1. I have had one go through kinder, and my second to start next year. I love the Kinder stage, it get more complex after that.

  2. I remember them running off to the playground without looking back–so bittersweet. Now my high school student sometimes gets a ride and just gets out and leaves without a goodbye or a thank you. That’s just bitter! 🙂

  3. Sound advice, Sarah. Especially the committees and the socks! x

  4. Great list! I hate the whole sock thing. Drives me nuts!

    Visiting via the Rewind.

  5. I love this post! I loved Kindy, my son is now in 6th grade or what you guys call Year 7 (I think?) Anyway, now it’s not even cool for his friends to even catch a glimpse of me as I drop him off somewhere, much less letting me actually walk next to him in public.

    • My dad still reminds me that when he would drop me off at school I would make him do it around the cnr so no one saw! Good to see history repeats! Thanks for stopping by Rhonda x

  6. Loved that post. So funny. I homeschool my son but I can relate to every single word you said through enough other experiences with Kindergarteners over the years. The news item to bring was so funny. I used to be a teacher and I remember, right at the start of my teaching career (not that it was all that long!) feeling really shocked at the weird things that the Kinder kids would bring in for news. Now I realise it’s because their parents were trying to connce them to bring something else. Ah, rebellion. LOL

  7. Woops! This ‘connce’ was supposed to say CONVINCE. x

  8. Hahaha. Love this. My faves are 3, 4, 6 and 10! xx


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